muscians and djs



A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling – more commonly known as Emancipator – has quietly established himself as a mainstay in the electronic music scene since the release of his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough in 2006. Classically-trained as a violinist from an early age, Appling’s organic approach to electronic music production draws inspiration from a wide range of international cultures and musical genres, culminating in a refreshingly authentic brand of electronic music that has infiltrated global consciousness. 2015 was a busy year having released Live In Athens in June, and Dusk to Dawn Remixes – a remix album featuring massively-popular contributions from the likes of ODESZA, Little People, Eliot Lipp, and more – in July, 2015 and now his first full length album in three years, Seven Seas. Seven Seas is the product of over two years of work, collaborations, experiences, and live performances all culminating in a cohesive collection of songs that solidifies that Emancipator is only getting better with age.


Ayla Nereo

Ayla Nereo‘s voice hits straight to the heart. With an array of loop-pedals by her side, she builds layer upon layer of vocal melodies into fierce, sweeping harmonies and weaves syncopated threads of guitar, kalimba, piano, and percussion into each live performance. Her lucid storytelling and lyrical imagery are water for the thirsty soul; words and sounds that crack open the heart, and embody the many folds of our own selves.

Raised on opera, 60s folk, and psychedelic rock, living her younger years in the wide open hills and her adult years in Oakland CA, Ayla’s music touches both the timeless and modern; where circle songs and roots music meet tribal beats and folktronica. Crafting an immersive soundscape we can dive into, Ayla’s performance becomes a journey: an inspired, wondrous experience that holds you by the heart and doesn’t let go.



Kaminanda's ever-evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, Psy-Dub, and lush downtempo textures. His music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences; a kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting, winding compositions. With six albums in his repertoire, this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic experience.



A world premier visionary inspirational vocalist and songwriter, Kiyoshi, has a deep passion for inspiring and empowering humanity. His mission is to actualize social change through the collective power of music, dance and community while restoring balance, inspiration and respect to the global arenas. Kiyoshi engages audiences worldwide with a highly interactive, exhilarating and authentic stage performance, while conveying a clear message of positivity, health, sustainability, social justice, and Love.  

Currently, Kiyoshi is working with talented producers such as The Polish Ambassador, Duke Mushroom (produced for Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Static Revenger, etc), DJ Drez, and others on his upcoming EP.  He resides in Southern California and is quickly building his brand and influence worldwide. Kiyoshi and his crew have toured together bringing their unique synergy to audiences in a way that has never been seen before and will not be soon forgotten. 


Color Haus

Color Haus AKA Gina Cat, was born as a teenager in Vancouver's underground rave scene. Later she moved back to her homeland of New Zealand where a strong dub foundation was formed. Throughout her years of traveling the world, Gina learned quickly how music has the power to take you to a different place, so her transition to the other side of the turntables was only natural.

At 18, she tossed away the opportunity to live in the norm, and spent ten years as a musical nomad, gathering sounds from travels to over 30 countries around the world. Her journey has yielded exotic rhythms, vibrant melodies and heavy bass lines to say the least. After a decade of spinning and traveling, Gina has created a unique and unmistakable style all her own. Those who want a one word description will be disappointed… tribal dub techno with heart-melting symmetry, to dreamy beach rhythms, her music is color in a black and white world. This is what distinguishes her music from mainstream, commercial EDM- the belief that music should be diverse and exude positive energy. She wants you to feel the music as much as she does. She is a pure and creative force in a new a genre for a new world.



Jesus' music holds an unshakable cosmic yet earthly balance which plucks at your heartstrings with a range of musical instrumentation: guitar, flute, percussion, synthesizer, and smooth vocals. Through live looping and vocal overtones, we are welcomed into a profound and visionary journey into the heart of hearts. Jesus' live performances offer elements of improvised psychedelic folk, funk, meditation, world sounds, healing harmonies, and lyrics pertaining to consciousness. Jesus' music can inspire the sort of humility that allows us to experience ourselves dancing as all things.



 Prem is a French- American gourmet chef, song writer, and holistic health practitioner, who spent 10 years as the chef in a yoga and meditation retreat center ( at the Self Realization Fellowship) where he learned the arts of meditation, international cuisine, Ayurveda, devotional chanting, and the art of balanced living. The quality of his musicis positive, uplifting, and encouraging. His music sounds as though Trevor Hall, Jason Mraz, and Bob Marley went on a yoga retreat, and decided to write some songs together.

Rae Irelan-0016.jpg

Rae Irelan

Rae Irelan is a visionary creator & collaborator using the arts to raise the vibrations of our collective consciousness.  She is a multi-faceted creator of music, performance, high vibrational events, and healing ceremonies.  Rae Irelan's work revolves around breath, the arts, healing, and a growing strength through community and one-ness to share a message of love.
She is seen globally performing her original, gypsy-soul sound healing music which focuses on whimsical sultry lyrics along with rhythmic live instrumentation and use of crystal quartz singing bowls.  Otherwise you can find her touring and rocking out with her band, The Moves Collective; a jam-grass, gypsy-funk band. 


dj carlo

Carlo is best known for creating head-nodding beats with saw-tooth gypsy-soul funk,  with a keen eye to the newest avenues of music production.  A true connoisseur, Giancarlo spends everyday/all day listening and training his ear to find that ‘needle in the haystack’, in order to turn a good party, into a jump off.


Aaron Bowen

When you think about 'art' your mind is probably led toward canvasses of oily classics or undecipherable works of modernelitism. The music and creative energy of Aaron Bowen likely won't feature near the top of your list; that is, until you've spent an hour or so in his company where you'll find that for once, the term 'true original' is deserved and appropriately applied. 


Gia George

Gia George is a singer-songwriter with soul. Her ethereal vocals, haunting acoustic guitar lines, and heart-warming piano chords can be likened to the sounds of Jewel and Sarah McLaughlin. As a yoga & meditation teacher, Gia incorporates deeper messages of healing and inspiration into her soothing songs. Her ultimate intention is to help bring others "home" through the loving vibrations of her music.


Courtney Preis


Courtney Preis is singer-songwriter based out of San Diego, California. With jazz influences such as, Lianne La Havas, Esperanza Spalding, and Corinne Bailey Rae, Courtney likes to combine her jazzy sound with a beachy, relaxed, acoustic-vibe, similar to artists like Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat. Courtney writes all of her own music and is almost finished recording her very first, complete album! She is also a senior as San Diego State finishing her BS in Health Communication and teaches yoga part time.


Sahara Grim

Sahara Grim, known for her unique blend of sounds, is an accomplished singer song writer who studies Ethnomusicology/Jazz studies at UCLA's Herb Alpert School of Music. Sahara has performed  at various venues in San Diego as a solo artist as well as the leader of her band Sahara Grim Quartet. Some of the venues she's played at include The Music Box, Panama 66, Tin Roof, Humphreys By The Bay, Lestats Coffee House to name a few. Sahara's sound is inspired by jazz, funk, and rock music. Her original music strives to be new and engaging but still keeping it approachable so that listeners can identify their experiences to hers. 

Teachers and Instructors


Adam Hiner

Adam Hiner has been practicing acroyoga for just under 4 years.  The communication, trust, and community building that he discovered throughout the practice opened up a whole new world.   Eager to learn as much as possible Adam has attended classes, festivals and workshops from the top teachers in the practice.  Getting certified to teach acro by Acro Revolution in April 2015, Adam hit the ground running.  He organizes a series of festivals called AcroLove Festival bringing the best teachers and practitioners from around the country to share the AcroLove in sunny San Diego.


Jenna Hollow

Jenna Hollow discovered acroyoga 3 years ago while completing her 200 hour yoga certification. She fell in love with the practice and its ability to facilitate communication and connection with others. For the past year she has been teaching and loves spreading her passion with her students.


Steven Cummings

Steven comes to the world of acro from curious origins: first beginning partner acrobatics through an encounter with a Swedish elf on the mystical island of Bali, his pursuit of greater heights in the Flying Arts has since continued around the globe. A former Captain in the US Army, Steven is additionally the veteran of three Divine Plays, multiple AcroGasms, AcroLoves, and other workshops near or far from his home base in San Diego. Further enabled as a yoga teacher, with a 200 hour RYT in Ashtanga completed in Dharamsala, India, he has taught yoga and partner acrobatics in Europe, Asia, and across the Americas. Once he even joined a circus in California (Cirko Teleskiptico)! Outside of Steven's acro obsession, he moonlights as a viking impressioniste and gelato aficionado.


Gina Shiotani

After year of performance and dance from her background in ballet, Gina stumbled upon her playful spirit as an acro yogi at Mara Harris and Trevor Dye’s acro class at Spirit yoga.  She has since been an enthusiastic contributor to San Diego’s acro yoga community for the past three years. In addition to being a Pilates instructor, Gina’s journey as an acro teacher began through assisting Trevor with his weekly intermediate level class at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga.  Gina has attended, assisted, and taught at many of the major acro yoga festivals including Acro Love, AcroGasm, Wanderlust and Divine Play. Gina’s love for performing and sharing the gems of her own training are evident in her teaching. When she isn’t doing Acro Yoga you can find Gina surfing, dancing or playing in her garden.  


Tah Groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher. 
As a yoga teacher she has developed a nurturing hands-on approach, a comfortable style, rich with verbal cues regarding alignment of body, mind and spirit.


Koya Webb

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized holistic health coach, author, motivational speaker, yoga teacher and professional fitness model who is helping revolutionize plant based cuisine, yoga and the holistic living landscape.

Koya is known as a “transformational specialist” when it comes to helping people reach their goals. Her "Get Loved Up" Movement inspires participants to practice more self love, love for others, and love for the planet through mental, spiritual and physical fitness. 


Maelyn Gandola


Petite but powerful, Maelyn’s passion for yoga is infectious.  Maelyn offers Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, and Deep Stretch-based yoga classes and leads guided meditation throughout San Diego, ranging from small studio spaces to open seaside parks. Creator of Pop-up Yoga Productions, she also leads Full Moon Glowga in Del Mar. Known for her unparalleled poetic language and unique blending of metaphor and direction, Maelyn integrates more than 20 years of training in movement, voice and breath as a professional actress and director with over a decade of study in yoga and her teaching certifications to create a multidimensional experience. She has had the pleasure of leading yoga events at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, San Diego Writers Ink Blazing Laptops, Moxie/SDSU Play Festival, Emergence, and her best friend’s wedding. 


Fallon Lev

Friday night Vibes with Fallon Lev. Come explore your body and infuse your practice with the roof top vibes of Trilogy Sanctuary, good for the soul, easy on the eye. Let us connect on the mat. Unwind from your week, and at the same time, stoke the fire for the weekend festivities. Fallon offers an all levels yoga flow with a ton of freedom for self expression and exploration. fallon is a Professional Yoga Teacher, Full time human being. Sunshine seeker, passionate dog lover & retired gypsy; dancing through life w/ sandy feet & a happy heart. Class starts at 4:45pm. Just in time to catch the sunset.


Leila Dora

Leila’s interest in yoga sparked at a very young age. Her curiosity for yoga, physical and spiritual was kindled by the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses displayed around her home as a child. In 2010, Leila embarked on an 18 month solo journey around the world, ending in India where she studied and trained to be a yoga instructor and was brought back to the roots of yoga. Shortly after this trip Leila landed in San Diego where she started to pursue her love of circus arts, developing her skills in aerial arts, and fire dancing. She also completed a course in whole foods nutritional counseling.

Her desire to share all of the things she loved lead to the creation of Trilogy Sanctuary, a yoga studio, organic cafe and events space. Leila teaches vinyasa yoga and aerial yoga and holds space for all sorts of aerial and circus arts. She has lead two aerial yoga teacher trainings and loves nothing more than sharing her love, passion and wealth of experience in these things. She believes that learning to move the body, through many forms of yoga and dance is what we all need to keep us happy and healthy. Her strong desire to share and cultivate that healing space through the power of movement lead to the idea and creation of the Dance Medicine event.


Hailey Miller

Bio coming soon


Sae Bluff

Sae is a dance and movement artist currently based in San Diego. She has been training and competing for over 12 years throughout the Northeast and Spain, focusing in Latin Ballroom and Contemporary Styles. Sae incorporates mind, body and spirit into her teachings and performances. She is also a certified Yoga and AcroYoga Instructor.


kristi kuttner

Kristi is a certified yoga instructor and teaches Yinki® yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary.   She is also a  Reiki master and was trained under the top Reiki masters at the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing and now does Reiki trainings of her own.  She has also done training in the powerful benefits of incorporating sound therapy with crystal bowls into her yoga classes and Reiki sessions.  Kristi is co founder of Sittin' Pretty Still which sells products to encourage a beautiful meditation practice.


Dani Weir  

Yoga is my medicine. It is my core. It is my root. It is the safe place that I can find anywhere I am to help me embrace whatever comes up. My practice is my sanctuary, and through sharing with others I hope to remind that our greatest path is the one back to Self.


Coryna Pido 

This gypsy grew up traveling across oceans but now grows her roots here in San Diego. Lover of all things movement based, she teaches and practices yoga daily : styles including vinyasa , yin, aerial, and hatha. Within her practice she emphasizes flowing with loving compassion while discovering self awareness through bandhas and breath. She also writes poetry, loves learning languages, and is devoted mother. 


Julia Sparkman

Julia’s practice began in 2007, at the age of nineteen with an eight week hatha yoga course. Shortly after she discovered the power of yoga, she began practicing Iyengar.  Julia moved to Chicago in 2009 and fell deeply in love with restorative yoga and vinyasa flow. In 2012, she received her 200HR Yoga Alliance certification and she began teaching public classes shortly thereafter.  In 2014, she became certified in Reiki Level Two and she now incorporates the profound benefits of healing touch in her classes. Through her practice, she has healed — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her shell cracked. She let go of shame, anger, abandonment, and fear. She learned to trust herself and view her body as a temple. As a teacher,  Julia strives to constantly evolve. In class, she blends her powerful transformation with her lifelong athleticism and her connection to music, storytelling, and the chakras. Julia guides each practice as an opportunity to move and be still, to be strong and soft, and to be authentic and genuine. 


Theena Ngyuen

After moving to San Diego in 2006, Theena became a certified yoga instructor and now teaches in the styles of vinyasa, hatha, yin and aerial yoga. Theena's humble journey on this path of self-discovery is evidenced in her classes where she shares her practice and seeks to create a loving and peaceful space for everyone's own unique journey of self-realization. She teaches from a place of mindfulness and specificity, encouraging students to breathe and move with awareness as a way to tap into clearer consciousness. Her classes are often slow and attentive as asanas connect to become one expression of mind, body and soul. 


Josiah Samadhi

Sacred Geometric yoga facilitator, meditation teacher, energy healer and Vedic Thai massage therapist. Also providing spiritual experiences through shamanic ceremonies, sacred flower-of-life teachings and silent retreats. Teaching since 2002, Josiah Samadhi fuses these elements into his Human Luminescence program; a philosophy rooted in the belief that "the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” As we are part of the microcosm (the sum) and the macrocosm (the greater), this is evidence that one individual is just as important as the universal intelligence of all life. Josiah also teaches that feeling is the closest connection we have to the whole. This feeling interweaves through all beings proving we are the sum of its parts. Experiencing this energy, you become the vortex, manifesting miracles through thought and alignment of love. It is my intention to help others achieve harmony within, awaken dormant energies, activate their higher self, enhance pranic energy and tap into the greater field of consciousness, creating a ripple effect of healing energy for ourselves, our planet and all living beings.

Pic 2-A.jpg

Blake Spencer

After years of talk therapy dealing with childhood trauma, Blake began breath and body work in 2012 with a long time therapist. She dedicated herself to a weekly practice while working on her degree in writing at The University of San Francisco. Breath work opened her up from the inside out, finding the ability to heal herself using the breath to release past trauma, stagnant energy, and unwanted pain. As she released and submersed herself deeper into the work, the universe provided more experiences and opportunities to practice. After a yoga teacher training and education in pranayama practices on the Big Island of Hawaii at Konaloni Ashram, Blake was introduced to teachers Michael Brian Baker and David Elliot. Participating in David Elliot’s Healer training 1-3 in Novemeber 2015 and a Guardian training with Michael Brian Baker in April 2016. She is currently assisting with The Breath Center as a guardian and is sharing the powerful healing modality of two-part breath.


Nancy Parker Inbody wisdom

For the past 18 years, Nancy has guided thousands to open their hearts, move through blocks and restore radiant health by integrating essential body wisdom from the physical to the subtle realms. Her refined, playful approach is sure to delight, ignite and inspire you.  As the founder of InBody WisdomEcstatic Dance San Diego and creator of Primal Play, she weaves ancient wisdom and modern science to restore joyful balance in your inner and outer worlds.


Jay Brown, Evo Room

Jay is a life hacker and extraordinary merger of entertainment and personal growth. A former music agent working with MTV, VH1, and Beyonce, Jay discovered a passion for helping people enhance the quality of their lives. The Evo Room is a series of remarkably original live & online experiences. The experiences are designed to help you reach a powerful state of human being using music, games, social experiments and lots more. 


john Halcyon

Halcyon was the subject of an MTV documentary, “Naked on the Net,” won 2 Webby Awards, and hosted the series, “Fears. Regrets. Desires.”  He is the author of “Love more. Fear less” and has hosted the weekly “Hug Nation” broadcast for over 15 years. He runs the “Pink Heart” Burning Man theme camp and founded the San Diego-based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program to practice Gifting in the default world.



The Shimmy Sisters are a professional belly dance troupe based in San Diego, California, directed by Leilainia and Adelaide. The sister’s style is a unique blend of belly dance forms they call “Cabaret Collage”. They fuse traditional Middle-Eastern dance with styles of modern, salsa, African, Indian, ballet and hip-hop, to bring out essential elements of who they are.
The Syrian Sisters were born into a culture of creativity by their dancer mother and artist/musician father. Passed on through generations of artistry, Leilainia and Adelaide created The Shimmy Sisters to carry on the joy of their heritage. The sisters meld their talents and passions to elicit a more personal response from the audience. Their contagious energy led them to become the Ultimate Troupe Winners of “Hips Of Fury” and People’s Choice Bellydancer of the Universe.
The Shimmy Sisters perform to life music from an Indian fusion band named Danyavaad, with whom they create a synergetic harmony of entertainment. Weather hired with live music or individually, the Shimmy Sisters teach and perform professionally and are available for events, parties, workshops, related theatrical functions, weddings, private / corporate parties, bridal / baby showers, Middle Eastern haflas and more.


Joe caldera

Joe has had spiritual and psychic experiences since he was a young child. These ranged from receiving messages to experiencing visions of people and events before they happen. At first, Joe assumed this was something everyone could do easily since it came so naturally to him from an early age. While it is true that everyone is born capable of these spiritual gifts and abilities, many do not allow that part of themselves to open. "Through practice and experience I’ve learned to control and work with my senses more fully. We all receive guidance, messages, or have special experiences. My training has taught me to access the part of my mind that connects to this information on demand, in a meditative space. Experiences I never thought possible I now have regularly. There is more to life than we allow ourselves to perceive." Joe Caldera


Tyler Jenson

Tyler Jensen is the Founder and CEO of The Startup Garage. Tyler, alongside his team, have helped to launch hundreds of companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises. They have experience in startup growth, digital marketing, technology, web, business systems and capital-raising strategies.Tyler is a serial entrepreneur, early stage PT CFO, startup coach and trusted advisor. Helping early-stage entrepreneurs start companies that matter is his passion. 


Danielle Blum

Danielle Blum is the Founder and CEO of World Nativ. She is a globetrotter and connector. World Nativ is a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives connecting minds and sharing knowledge. The World Nativ platform is an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs in a variety of ways through our Business Accelerator, Digital Marketing Accelerator, workshops, co-working events, resources, and adventurous networking. Our mission is to connect minds locally and globally to collaborate in bringing epic visions into the world. 

Edward Deull.jpg

Edward neull

Edward Deull is a storyteller, story coach, and healer.  Edward founded The Story Consortium with the intent of bringing storytelling to the community as modality for personal empowerment, healing, unification, and positive change.  The Story Consortium hosts events, retreats, and workshops throughout Southern California.  


Joel Sprechman

Joel Sprechman BS, CHHC, RYT, CC, CL is the Founder of One Great Gut and former Top Secret Engineer for a US DOD National Security program, Sales Engineering, Business and Digital Marketing Consultant. In 2001 he was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis, similiar to Crohn's Disease, in addition to other incurable diseases. For 10 years, following the advice of his Doctors, his diseases only worsened, the side-effects debilitating. He refused surgery and chemotherapy, used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself.  His talk "How Living Healthy Almost Killed Me" will be an upcoming TedX talk. He's a member of Qu Biologics’ IBD Community Advisory Panel. OGG's vision is to become the #1 Science Backed Gut Health Resource and is incorporated as A Benefit Company, in service of the 80Million funky guts in the US. He's taught Yoga at CCFA Events, and volunteered as a camp counselor at CCFA Camp Oasis. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from SUNY Buffalo, a certificate in Health Coaching from The Integrative Institute of Nutrition and graduated from Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga as a Yoga and Meditation teacher. He mixes science and spirituality, while sipping on his green juice.


XUXO Healing

We are two sisters certified in Panchakarma (is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system and restoring balance and well-being ) in New Delhi, India. Xuxohealing is on a mission to share the wisdom of Ayurveda through products and services.


Danielle LaRock

Danielle LaRock is Founder of The Haven, an Intuitive Business Coach, and a Spiritual Teacher. Her vision is creating a world where we see each other for who we truly are and live from our Authentic Selves. She believes that the world wants the Real You, and when we Discover the Haven Within™ ourselves, we are truly able to live our life of purpose and make our positive impact in this world. Danielle works with visionary change leaders – individuals who want to make a BIG difference in the world, answer their true calling, and earn and serve abundantly being their vision!


Ashley Mazanec

Ms. Mazanec is an environmental justice advocate based in the San Diego area. She works tirelessly to create an eco-friendly, equitable economy via climate action policy at The City of San Diego, songwriting, and performance. From speaking on college panels and radio, to organizing sustainability events, to performing alongside legendary artists like Beats Antique and Bonobo, her drive has found no limits. As a published pianist and vocalist, her recent LP Let’s Talk About the Weather aims at promoting social and environmental justice and is featured across corporate stores such as TJ Maxx, Hershey's, and Abercrombie Kids.


Maria Teresa Chavez

Maria Teresa Chavez is a Holistic Health Coach and Educator with 12 years of expertise in the nutrition, fitness, and holistic lifestyle fields. A certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition consultant, life and spiritual coach, she assists people who are seeking cutting-edge transformational tools so that they can heal themselves from the inside out, achieve optimal wellness, and radiant health and vitality.                                   
Pulling from her lineages of Venezuela and Peru, and very versed in shamanic plant medicine work, she brings a reverence for the land and aspects of ceremony into all of her offerings. An intuitive healer who channels mass amounts of light and unconditional divine feminine love, she reminds all who she comes into contact with of their innate power to create their own reality. Maria is also the founder of Sacred Earth Warriors, a transformational healing event and retreat company where she and her team create sacred space to allow people to explore and deepen the connection to themselves, each other, and the planet, while giving back and raising awareness for sustainability, environmental, and social change causes. You can read more about that platform at:

Healers & Practitioners


kerem Brulé

Kerem Brulé is a professional sacred sound musician and founder of SoundBODY Deep Sonic Immersion, which brings together her passion for vibrational healing, electronic music, and a love of creating an amazing experiences together in a unique fusion.  


Simone Ressner, LAc, CMT

Simone believes the complexity of the world is vastly requiring the holistic integration of the wheels of healing arts that are available to us today.  After studying with shamans and reiki masters during her seven month sojourn through Central and South America in 2013, she skillfully incorporates Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, massage, reiki, and shamanic healing into her healing practice with wonderful results.  Her recent training in China has given her a new tool box for helping a variety of ailments.  Fueled by her passion for the power of collective healing, she birthed Source Empowered Wellness Center to aid people on their path to establishing health as a lifestyle. 

An acupuncture session with Simone will leave you refreshed and renewed.  Let's bring your body and spirit into harmony, relieving you from pain and stress and boosting your immune system and energy levels.


Larry Michel

AKA “The Love Shepherd” Larry Michel is the founder of the School of Genetic Energetics, a Master ERP™ and host of The Larry Love Show. He’s a breakthrough relationship coach, author, trainer, speaker and producer.  As the Founder and voice he’s brought to the world a revolutionary science that unlocks the human codes to compatibility and reveals the true motivations behind our actions, from devastating emotional upsets to our most joyous and blissful experiences. Larry dedicates his life to creating possibility for all of us to live in courageous intimacy, in deep connectivity and in our full loving expression. He works with couples, families and individuals across the globe, illuminating a path that removes blame, shame, guilt and resentment to be replaced with honor, acknowledgement, respect and love. We discover we are not broken and through compassion and an insight into who and what we are, we are able to fully experience the most prosperous and joyous life.


Discover you are not Broken. In fact, you are a divine gift. What are those gifts and how can you navigate life so that compassionate connection and joyful loving becomes you… So that the most blissful, inspiring and prosperous relationships are attracted to you?

Spend 10 minutes with an Energetic Relationship Practitioner and discover your Genetic Energetics. You will receive a personalized Energetic profile plus a one-on-one laser sharp look at your core energetic design and how to flow in such a way that you can release judgments, blame, shame, guilt and resentments to be replaced by honor, acknowledgement, appreciation and LOVE.


Taina JC

Taina JC, The Pura Vida Health and Love Coach, is a Certified Energetic Relationship Professional practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, soon to be Certified Tantric Counselor, master educator, free spirit, world adventurer and a lifestyle ninja.
Taina received her training from the School of Genetic Energetics, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is Board Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. As a Holistic Health and Love Coach, Taina works with all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.These are all areas in which she herself has dedicated many years of study and practice through several disciplines from around the world. Taina leads workshops, and offers group and individual coaching to people who want to have healthy and thriving relationships, lose weight, manage stress, increase balance, joy, peace, freedom, and strive for optimum vitality in all areas of life.


Michelle Anise Mackey CMT RYT

A Massage Therapist and Healing Arts practitioner of 15 years, Michelle offers therapeutic bodywork sessions which combine intuitive insight with extensive technical training and experience for optimal healing. Offering ENERGY BALANCING Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Healing, and Sound Healing are combined in this deeply relaxing and revitalizing healing modality.  By activating the body’s innate self-healing mechanism with Energy Balancing, psychosomatic integration occurs...alleviating stress, tension, and trauma in mind, body, and spirit.


Mary Hofelich

Mary facilitates healing by generating energy and emitting intentional healing vibrations. By channeling divine light, she has cultivated a sensitivity to stagnation in the body and feel pain and move the energy for relief. She incorporates Reiki, Crystals, Massage, Aromatherapy, and Acupressure for guiding divine healing energy to flow through the body. She will be offering one-on-one 20 minute reiki healing sessions with crystals, acupressure, and aromatherapy. 


Nicole Passon

I am a Transformative Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Meditation Instructor, and Energy Worker I have spent years creating an authentic connection to myself that allows me to hold a supportive space for others as they do the same. After years of “processing” the same emotions and thought processes it became clear that huge shifts happen through deep decision and commitment and that “processing” after a point can actually contribute to us being stagnant

 I attended Clayton College of Natural Health, where I studied wellness, holistic nutrition, and meditation.  I was also fortunate to work directly with Master teachers from India, Israel, and the Philippines. Each of these individuals are extraordinary examples of compassion, self awareness, and a commitment to serving humanity. 

For the last 10 years I have held private sessions with a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. I honor the worthiness of anyone who stands before me with no attachment to understanding their choices or behavior.   I am kind and compassionate, gentle and super tough when necessary;) I pay thoughtful attention to what will serve different personalities optimally.

Offering: 20 minute mini session of Intuitive Counseling &

Divine Energy Work


Ayanna Mojica

For more than 30 years, Ayanna Mojica has served humanity with her money, time, talents and a heart for service, especially in Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica. As a Priestess of Mary Magdalen, a bilingual credentialed teacher and ordained minister, Mojica has taught thousands in public school, colleges, churches, temples, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers. A Renaissance entrepreneur for today’s awakened humanity, Ayanna Mojica is a rising “wealth mentor” for entrepreneurs who are seeking both spiritual and practical approaches to wealth creation and business strategies. Ayanna is a multi-degreed, multi-talented business woman with advanced degrees in fine arts. Mojica is an inspirational speaker, humanitarian, spiritual adviser, sex and money expert, Founder of the Path of the Magdalen, Reiki Master Teacher, a sacred global tour leader, and intuitive counselor. Ayanna has now brought her spirituality-meets-money business services to the world with her teleseminars, books and mentorships. Ayanna is also a sacred dancer and raw cacao ceremonialist.


Anna Lucia Light

Anna Lee Madeleine, a student of Cognitive Science, brings a profound new way of healing as the Lucia Light turns consciousness into a state of health and wellbeing. Relaxing beneath the Lucia Light No.3 sends one into a state of “hynagogia,” a place of threshold consciousness, between being awake and being asleep. Incorporating a system of white LED's and meditative music to provide the traveler's porthole into another dimension, it immerses you into deep relaxation, lucid thoughts, lucid dreaming, creativity and more. By sending light directly into your pineal gland and activating specific brain patterns that aren't normally catalyzed, Lucía helps you to access a place of unimaginable beauty & high concentration that creates powers of healing. Providing a unique experience to each traveler, possibilities include synesthesia - the ability to see music, as well as journeying to other realms and experiencing the transcendence of the physical body. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and unwind the mind beneath the remarkable Lucia Light. 


Q Ortiz, CMT

Q Ortiz studied Massage & Bodywork at IPSB College; he has found a passion for a movement based modality called Sensory Repatterning. He currently studies Qi Gong and Kung Fu where he finds deeper understanding of body mechanics and integrates this understanding with his bodywork. His offering is Sensory Repatterning.



Amen Ra

Amen Ra is a spoken word artist and spiritual consultant. He was a member of the 2016 San Diego Poetry Slam Team that placed 2nd in the nation in this year's National Poetry Slam Competition in Decatur, Georgia and hosts a monthly open mic at Trilogy Sanctuary called Spoken Sanctuary.. His spiritual consulting company, Illuminati Spiritual Center, focuses on helping individuals transcend spiritual barriers and embrace their divinity.

Ra's poetry focuses on personal narratives and spiritual awakening. He uses his work as a tool to broaden perspectives and inspire audiences.     



The TrilaGypsies were incepted from a shared love for experimenting with the art of movement. Jools, Leila, and Hailey curated the performance group when they realized their passion for aerial and fire dance burned brightest together. United, they achieve a flow state that allows them to create synchronistic pieces that ignite the imagination. Their favorite apparatus to play with include lyra, aerial silks, aerial hammock, fire fans, fire poi, and fire staff. You never quite know what wild combination you're going to get when they join forces.


Erinda Martin

Erinda - also known by performance alias Kitty Noir - is a fire and aerial artist as well as an intuitive ritual dancer. During her dance she embodies her gypsy roots flowing to the universal rhythm of life. Her props of choice include fire fans, poi, hoop, and dragon staff as well aerial hoop (lyra) and Yoga dance.


Seth Martin

Seth is San Diego based fire and flow performance artist specializing in double staves. Other props he flows with include contact staff, dragon staff, and juggling. Be prepared to be mesmerized by his double staves fire flow and occasional duo fire performances with his partner, Erinda

Intuitive Readers

june Love

I am June Love and my company is Transcending Love, LLC and I am located in Linda Vista, California as a Certified Reiki and Dove Essence Practitioner. I work with my client's energetic field and educate them on the Esoteric or the Mysteries of the unknown such as energy healing, energy bodies, Astrology, the Higher Self, Universal Laws, etc. I have been an active Healer for over twenty years with a Bachelors in Religious Art and many certifications such as, Reiki, Color and Candle Therapy, Essence Healing, Psychic surgery, White Light Working w/ the Angels, Master Intuitive Reader (Oracle and Tarot), and businesses and life consultant, and more, all to benefit you holistically! 


lori creevay

Lori Creevay (aka Allorah) offers intuitive guidance that is healing, insightful and transformational. By illuminating and anchoring greater degrees of your soul's essence and expression, her readings offer greater clarity and ease when making everyday life choices.