Workshops, seminars & Yoga 

Below is a taste of confirmed workshops and seminars during the festival. Many more ore will be added over the next couple of weeks so check back again soon!   





Flow State Activation

with Evo Room

Science has proven that it is our thoughts that create our reality. So the question is, how do you produce the thoughts that are aligned with creating the reality you desire? The answer lies in your ability to manage emotions and state of human being. The Evo Room is thrilled to offer a workshop providing you with the tools which will enable you to activate powerful states of human being such as the flow state. In these states, you'll produce powerful thoughts that lead you to powerful creations.

An Evo Room is a transformational experience that helps you reach a powerful state of human being (known as the flow state) through interactive music, dance, social experiments, and more. In the flow state, learning is enhanced, feelings of joy are more accessible, you're more relaxed, and you become aligned with your purpose while better managing your health and emotions. The science-based activities we deliver within each experience are designed to accelerate your ability to activate the flow state so that you feel empowered and capable to achieve your biggest desires!

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with Blake Spencer

In this breath ceremony we will come together as a community breathing to open our hearts supporting one another on the journey of healing self from within. Using the ancient healing modality of two-part breath to clear and release any blocks in the energy systems to allow for our highest self to come through. 


Become You're own energy healer

With Gia George

In this unique and inspiring workshop, you'll learn to heal anything from emotional wounds to physical pain to limiting beliefs and obstacles with the power of your own energy. Meditation teacher, sound healer, and energy worker Gia George will show you how to use your own breath and visualization to remove energy blockages in the body, receive high-vibrational healing energy, and be your best and brightest self!

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Your Story Matters

With Edward Deull

Storytelling as a tool for personal transformation, healing, and empowerment. 

Through story, example, and group exercises, Edward will guide you through the process of transformative storytelling.  Telling your story can be an empowering and cathartic expression; you deserve to be heard.  This workshop will give you the tools to take ownership of your story and techniques to share it.  


Awakening Your Purpose Through Entrepreneurship

with Danielle Blum and Tyler Jensen. 

Have fun, inspire new insights, and connect with dynamic minds during this entrepreneurial playshop.  During this session, you will learn tools on how to awaken your true purpose and turn it into a business that impacts the world. We will integrate mind-storming, creative exercises, and entrepreneurial knowledge. This playshop is lead by the Lifestyle Business Accelerator partners Danielle Blum and Tyler Jensen. 

  • Clarity on your true purpose and vision 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset tools
  • Purpose-aligned business strategies 
  • Collaborative experiences with other entrepreneurs that will leave you full of new ideas.  
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with XUXO Healing

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, oil & spices treatment, and yogic breathing.
Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. 

In this workshop we would include an introduction of Ayurveda, (we will provide a dosha test) after this we would explain about each dosha and provide recommendations to balance our body and how to align with nature.
We would guide asanas for balancing the doshas.  After that, we will incorporate a guided Abhyanga practice where people will experience the appliance of Ayurvedic sesame oil. Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with warm oil.  Ayurveda believes that there is no greater expression of self- love than loving anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil- this practice is called Abhyanga.



with Josiah Batson & JanaKai

It Is proven that when two or more are gathered together with one global intention, energies are amplified. Now imagine 500-1000 people are gathered with positive energy. Test have been done with 7000 meditators meditating all at once with the same intention and the charts were through the roof. The bio-electromagnetic energy from all of us can be measured, this alchemy sends a signal into the field of consciousness changing us within and changing planetary consciousness into more love, abundance and peace. The meditation dj and Jenakai goddess will be leading us through a cosmic sound bath and meditation journey, taking you into a new realm of being and truly manifesting your higher self. 

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SoundBODY's Deep Sonic Immersion

with Kerem Brulé

SoundBODY's Deep Sonic Immersion is an exciting new vibrational experience of a live DJ set, called vibro electronica.  Immerse yourself in a live DJ set on a specialized sound table designed to help you truly FEEL the music as it unfolds. 

Spoken Sanctuary

with Amen Ra

Come join Amen Ra as he showcases the world of spoken word poetry. This art form dives deep into the soul and shares the joy, pain and enlightenment of poets on the mic. Ra along with some guests will share their work and discuss the inspiration behind them.


Overcome Doubt & Breakthrough to Be You!

With Danielle LaRock

Do you have a big dream or vision that you want to actualize? Danielle will lead you through an experiential exercise to overcome your doubt and create your own breakthrough. This workshop is focused on authenticity, confidence, community, and self-love. When you depart the space, you will not leave as the same person who walked in. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You.


Tribal Markings

with Amir Magel

For centuries, cultures all over the world have used tribal marking to not only adorn bodies but connect souls to eachother and to themselves before ceremony and battle. It is a tool for connection, touch and Unity in our present day. Amir Magal, photographer + artist, has re-inspired a movement of tribal markings. Amir Connects individuals to themselves as well as adorns the body with sacred letters or marks that is unique to each person. We will teach and paint the ways of this sacred art-form. Not to be missed. Our Service combines Hebrew calligraphy and Tribal body markings to create a new form of art that is raising the vibration of the world including influencers such as Jason Mraz, Nahko, Shiva Rea and currently on tour with festivals and retreats World Wide


JAMA Ceremony - How to do a cleanse & smudge ceremony

with Nicole Barrote

In this talk we will discuss cleansing ceremonies and how to cleanse negative sticky energy away from our spirit, our space and others. We are given natural ways to make peace, and to release; laugh, cry, scream and orgasm are among them. We as humans tend to not readily open our natural portals of release as often as we need to.  Learn how to use smoke ceremony as a powerful cleaning release.  Mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally clear and cleanse, just as many of our treasured healers + elders cleanse themselves, before cleansing others. 





with John Halcyon

Halcyon was the subject of an MTV documentary, “Naked on the Net,” won 2 Webby Awards, and hosted the series, “Fears. Regrets. Desires.”  He is the author of “Love more. Fear less” and has hosted the weekly “Hug Nation” broadcast for over 15 years. He runs the “Pink Heart” Burning Man theme camp and founded the San Diego-based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program to practice Gifting in the default world.


LoveYour Gut. Live Happier, Longer, and Never Need a Sick Day Again

with Joel Sprechman, Maelynn Gandola & special guest appearance by Dr. Sandison ND

“Death sits in the bowels and bad digestion is the root of all evil.” Hippocrates - The Father of Western Medicine. In this experiential workshop you'll learn how to increase your intuition, tap into your gut instinct. You'll learn why following your gut is important, for happiness, and your health. You'll learn both easy, and gutsy, cost effective tools and techniques you can implement at home, at work, and on the road to create a microbiome that is working for, not against, your personal goals. You'll learn how you can diagnose your own health, and we'll collectively, as a community, reduce shame, stigma, and unnecessary pain, suffering, and illness around our bathroom habits.  No shit, no poop talk, we're keeping it classy.

The Earth Revolution Begins

with Ashley Mazanec

Revolutionaries since the 1970’s have been urging fellow humans to protect our planet from ourselves. Now that a changing climate and environmental degradation is becoming personally observable, movements have suddenly emerged in various forms such as tiny houses, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the Catholic pope’s encyclical. Whether you live a plant based lifestyle, support conscious companies, or work toward a healthier quality of life for all, you are a part of the revolution for a sustainable Earth. Join musician and activist Ashley Mazanec in discussing San Diego efforts to mobilize change, sprinkled in with three short musical narratives from her new EP Let’s Talk About the Weather.


Lessons from Standing Rock

with Maria Chavez

Learn more about ways to support the movement in the immediate as well as the long-term. You will receive a list of resources and ways to make a difference from your own home.


Dance & Movement Workshops


Sacred geometric ecstatic dance yoga

with Josiah Batson
A space where you can become your true self of movement. Geometry in motion! Josiah Samadii uses examples of life experiences, creativity of dance and yoga moves to construct a portal within a portal. Meaning, taking you deeper into your limiting beliefs and patterns of the mind and body, reprogramming it in that very moment by specific channeled sequences to release old stagnate energies. 
Josiah brings the ancient practices of ceremony to that very moment of dynamic dance movement and yoga. This is a space where you can be free but also be guided into a deep states of meditation and stillness for more profound openings. Helping you come into your highest form of creativity, which isintelligent energy. A place where you can freestyle and as a unit with all our own epic unique moves, it becomes magical, it becomes a portal.  This workshop will help you transmute old energies and guide you into knowing whats your next step is in life, all through movement and mediation.


internal discovery through external movement

With the Shimmy Sisters

As students of life and teachers of dance the Shimmy Sisters have made the connection between their knowledge of Belly Dance and the practice of inner discovery. Adelaide and Leilainia of the Shimmy Sisters understand that becoming in touch with the body enlivens sensitivity, cultivates strength, and gives us a sense of home. In their workshops and classes the sisters share a mixture of spoken knowledge, visualizations, and movement. They explore dance in relation to the charkas as a type of meditative practice in motion. They have gained insight through yoga and Qi Gong, yet the intuition brought forth through physical movement and exploration has made clear the link between these spiritual practices and their connection with Belly Dance. Most importantly they want to give those who participate the skills and foundation to explore deeper. 

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With InBody Wisdom AKA Nancy Parker

Liberate your wild heart and discover more magic in your life and all of your relating-ships!  This is a co-ed playground. A place of integration of your inner masculine and feminine, A place to hone your subtle energy ninja skills, A place to awaken & evolve together through playful, movement explorations..A sacred play space to attune to your wild heart's wisdom and tap into your soul’s intelligence, opening you up to even greater possibilities in your life and on this planet. Deepen into connection to your heart, to each other, to the collective & to the cosmic energy fields. But be warned, you may experience  - overflowing joy, boundless depth, profound sweetness, authenticity, wildness, and ultimate liberation from your old B.S. (belief systems). "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Dance Flow

with Sae Bluff

Come explore breath, movement, qualities of dance and choreography. Move and be moved! All levels welcome.


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with Jenna Hollow and Adam Hiner

Join Adam Hiner and Jenna Hollow for an all levels acro yoga workshop. Learn how to move from L-basing to counterbalancing smoothly. Progressions make skills accessible to beginners and optional variations will keep intermediate and advanced practitioners challenged. No partner needed.




Lean on Me

with Gina Shiotani & Steven Cummings

Enjoy an all levels partner acrobatics class pairing physicality with elegance. Learn to use your body's structure and poise to strike poses with partners both proportionate and disproportionate. Lean on friends and calibrate yourself to support them in return. Stretch, flow, and create beauty in a manner only the human form can bring to life. Have fun expressing movement in ways both unknown and familiar in the fresh and merry environment only Trilogy Sanctuary can inspire!
A 90 minute class with jam to follow, looking forward to seeing many happy faces!


Vinyasa Yoga Class

with Tah Groen

Ever wondered where the breath should naturally flow to when practicing your Vinyasa flow yoga? Ever wondered how to connect more deeply to the breath and delve more intimately into your yoga practice? In this workshop we will learn to recognize the moments that naturally occur between poses as important transitory conduits for the next awakening. It is here where we begin to acknowledge the movement of body, mind and spirit toward expansion by releasing resistance and moving into alignment.

This allows your yoga body to ascend to new territories of awareness. The practice of Vinyasa flow yoga trains your physical vehicle into perfected focus until the art of breath becomes natural and profound. The inhale breath, vital to allowing the life force (Prana) in, and the exhale breath (Apana), both open doorways to releasing resistance. The inhale and exhale of breath are instrumental in maintaining a balance within the body.  They allow a softening, and establish a foundation for the letting go of old, outdated patterns that no longer serve the higher self.  


Get Loved Up Holistic Health PlayShop

with Koya Webb

A holistic approach to yoga and healing. Workshop includes 30mins Vinyasa flow, 30 mins AcroYoga, 30 mins Holistic Nutrition Class, and 30 mins Meditation


Balance and Restore

with Danielle Weir

This restorative class will guide you through a gentle sequence with longer holds and deeper postures. At a slower pace, attention to breath, alignment, and self care will be emphasized, as well as chanting and meditation. Props will be encouraged to assist in creating a relaxing environment/pose best suited for the individual body and needs. Both dynamic and static postures will be explored, encouraging adaptability and release of expectations. You will learn to listen to your body, quiet the mind, and open the heart, as you leave feeling nourished and relaxed. Level: Suitable for all levels. This style of class is more gentle.


Healing sky Yoga

with Coryna Pido

Healing sky yoga is a gentle, calming, and therapeutic aerial yoga class. Using the aerial hammock as a prop, you will flow through restorative poses with minimal inversions. By moving at a slower pace, you will enable your body to open up not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Honor yourself by strengthening both your body and mind through healing sky yoga.





with Kristi Kuttner

This restorative class focuses on healing the body and mind through deep relaxation and release of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Yinki® is a unique class combining Yin Yoga (a more restorative from of yoga) and Reiki (a form of energy healing). Yin Yoga postures gently stretch and rehabilitate connective tissues, while Reiki helps remove blockages or stagnant energy.
This class is spent mostly on the ground, with only stretching poses, each pose held for 3 to 5 minutes. It can be more of a mental challenge rather than physical as it forces you to slow down and be still. Something that the majority of us find very difficult! It is a very meditative class and is the perfect end to a long day. It is relaxing and incredibly healing. Each Yinki® class includes breath-work, mantra, healing crystal bowls, and meditation as you move through your practice with certified Reiki practitioners. Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.


Friday Night Vibes

with Fallon Lev

Friday night Vibes with Fallon Lev. Come explore your body and infuse your practice with the roof top vibes of Trilogy Sanctuary, good for the soul, easy on the eye. Let us connect on the mat. Unwind from your week, and at the same time, stoke the fire for the weekend festivities. Fallon offers an all levels yoga flow with a ton of freedom for self expression and exploration. Class starts at 4:45pm. Just in time to catch the sunset :)


Hi-YAH! Hatha and Good JuJujitsu

with Maelyn Gandola

Are you ready to revitalize yourself, your practice, and your life? Come experience a Hatha-based class infused with fluidity and breath-awareness, and leave transformed and inspired. Expect a feel-good flow of heart expanders, hip openers, with lots of sweat, dancing, and bouncing to to help break down any fearful walls and let your inhibitions go. *Possible Side Effects: Giggles and Good Karma   


Live Music Vinyasa

with Julia Sparkman & Courtney Preis

Enjoy a fun vinyasa flow class accompanied by live musician and vocalist Courtney Preis